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Trendy traditional costume pocket for youngs and old

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Trendy traditional costume pocket for young and old
  •     Beautiful traditional bag made of felt in black or gray
  •     The traditional bag has 1 open compartment in which a cell phone or other belongings can be placed.
  •     Due to the design of the opening, the cell phone can be easily removed without it falling out immediately
  •     including name embroidery for up to 6 letters *, **, ***, ****
  •     An approx. 1.30 m long and approx. 1.2 cm wide belt made of checkered fabric in blue or red serves as a carrying sling
  •     Piping on the edge and on the compartment opening made of checkered fabric in blue or red
  •     embroidered with 3x edelweiss flowers, which give a beautiful look on the front of the bag
  •     The bag was designed to match the rest of our traditional costumes!
  •     Height: about 21 cm
  •     Width: about 14 cm

* Embroidery up to 6 letters included in the price

** Please enter the desired name in the ordering process and pay attention to correct spelling

*** If there are more letters, please contact our customer service, we will find a solution for you

**** Please note that this article is a production according to customer requirements and therefore a return is excluded, provided that we do not have any manufacturing defects (e.g. name incorrectly transmitted by you)
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