Trachten Wristband, Jewlery Charivari Tooth Edelweiß,Color:Green

A beautiful wrist band of cut glas pearls and adherents available in Green color.It is decorated with paste gems.

Art ID:514 , Model No.BTDAB1grün

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Multi-Row Trachten Wristband

With Green Cut Glas Pearls

Multiple Beautiful Adherents

Color: Green

  • Since the adherents and glas pearls are wound up on a rubber band the wristband is very elastic and fits almost any wrist-size
  • Very romantic look
  • Beautiful big tooth-adherent decorated with countless paste gems, edelweiß and beer mug are also decorated with paste gems
  • Numeroes metallic elements
  • Green/White checkered textile ribbon
  • Absolute trend, eyecatcher

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