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Ladies Long Leather Trousers, Colour: Dark Brown

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Long Leather Trousers for Ladies made of 100% genuine soft Goat Suede

Colour: Dark Brown

+ Great leather trousers for ladies, colour Dark Brown with attractive embroidery in 'braid design' and edelweiß on both thighs

+ The material is finest goat suede, very soft and fits the skin nicely

+ On the left back side of the trousers is a pocket and it can be closed with a button

+ Two pockets on the front sides

+ The trousers can be tied on the backside with a soft and fine lace made of leather

+ The trousers have belt loops for using it with a belt

+ Can be closed with a zipper and a button

+ Designed and made by German Wear.

+ This product is produced on the base of the "German Size Chart". Please check out the German Size Chart before buying

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