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Women Trachten Bag, Dirndl Hand Bag, Trachten Leather Bag,Color: dark Brown

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GW2100 Dunkelbraun

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Trendy Trachten-Bag For Women In Dark Brown

+ Trachten-bag made of real suede leather in Chestnut Brown

+ The bag is being closed with buttons

+ In addition you can tighten and lace the bag up with a bond made of natural fibre

+ The bag comes with two small pockets on the side which are being closed with a velcro fastener

+ The carrying strap can be adjusted in length to fit your needs

+ The back of this product is partly made of cotton

+ The time-consuming Trachten-stitchery makes this bag an extraordanary highlight!!!

+ Height: ca. 29 cm

+ Width: ca. 28 cm

+ Depth: ca. 14 cm