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German Wear, Motorcyle 2 pieces set Jacket & Pants of Cordura

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Cordura/Textile Motorbike 2 Pieces set, removable lining, colour: black with white stitching


  • Made of cordura polyester, water proof, windproof with breathable membranes
  • Several protectors on arms, chest, shoulders and back
  • Removable lining,
  • 2in1 pockets
  • Great design and colour, good for traffic
  • Reflectors at the pipings for good visibility
  • Sleeves can be opened a bit for gloves
  • The jacket has a 20cm long Combi connetctor (zippers) and can be connected to any trousers
  • Designed and manufactured by German Wear


  • Made of Cordura Polyester 600D, water proof, wind proof, breathable membrains
  • Protectors on knees and thighs,
  • Removable lining
  • 2 pockets on the thighs
  • Through Zippers Jackets and Trousers can be connected to each other and others.
  • Designed and made by German Wear

Our Sizes for Motorcycle Trousers / Pants and Jackets are following:

Trousers Size: Waist (cm)
46/XS =  82cm , 48/S = 88cm, 50/M = 96cm, 52/L = 100cm, 54/XL : 104cm, 56/XXL : 108cm, 58/XXXL : 112cm, 60/4XL : 116cm etc.

Jacket Size: Chest (cm)
46/XS =  112cm , 48/S = 117cm, 50/M = 122cm, 52/L = 127cm, 54/XL : 132cm, 56/XXL : 137cm, 58/XXXL : 142cm, 60/4XL : 147cm etc.