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Three Pieces Mini Dirndl with Apron & Blouse Bavarian Dress for Oktoberfest & Lederhosen,Color:Cream

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Mini Dirndl,Three Pieces Dress

Colour:Cream/Black With Red/Yellow Apron ,White Short Blouse

+ Gorgeous bavarian dress

+ The material of the set is finest cotton with polyester strands in the upper part of the dress, very soft and comfortable

+ The dress itself is made from Cream coloured cloth in the upper part with red pipings and Black cloth for the skirt part

+ It has shiny silk like strands on the upper part 

+ You can tie the upper part with a chain

+ Lining is made from 100% cotton for the perfect fit and comfort

+ Dress can be closed in the front through a zipper

+ Additionally you get a short blouse in white with puff sleeves and beautiful laces on the short sleeves and around the décolleté

+ Apron with matching lace

+ Complex in fabrication

+ A true ,Must Have' , not only for bavarians.

+ Designed and made by German Wear

+ This dirndl is produced on the base of the "German Size Chart". Please check out the German Size Chart before buying the product