Protector-jacket Motorbike protectors Safety jacket Body Armour/Armor

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Protector-jacket Motorbike protectors Body Armour

Stylish Body Armour / Protector-jacket 2in1

Color black/grey

  • fitting for a wide variety of sports, Motorcycling, Motocross, BMC, Skateboarding, etc.
  • Jacket-part has 8 Protectors: 2 each on: Chest, Shoulders, Elbows, Forearms
  • All Protectors and the Mesh beneath are breathable
  • 4 Straps to adjust the jacket
  • Soft, slightly stuffed Neck-edge
  • very elastic at the wrists for tight fitting of the jacket
  • feature: the jacket is open at the armpits for optimal air-circulation


  • 8 Scale-protectors on the back to support the spine
  • Belt with extra strong 3-step velcro fastener
    Item ID 404
    Condition New with label
    Age rating No age restriction
    Model GW502
    Manufacturer Radmasters
    Manufacturing country
    Content 1 piece
    Weight 600 g
    Net weight 500 g


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