Payment Methods

Currently you can pay us with the following payment options within Germany:

1. Credit Card (online payment by credit card) Running Time: Payment will reach immediately, goods will be sent immediately.< /p>

Attention! Please note if paying by credit card, the following points have to be cared of:

Note: It can lead to denial of the payment, when

If the payment was not succesful and you want to choose another payment method, please contact us so that we can change the payment method for you.

    A manual payment via phone is only possible if the payment has been confirmed by the customer with a written document and a copy of passport/identity-card copy is enclosed. The address on the ID card must be identical to the shipping address. The confirmation form is available on request.

2. Bank Transfer (normal bank transfer or online transfer, run-time depending on the bank after 2-5 days)
3. Instant Transfer (transfer using our shopping system, like an online bank transfer, but we receive a secure message from the system that we will get the money) For this you do not need any application such as Paypal or similar systems. The order will be released for shipment immediately after we receive the payment confirmation. If you want to know more about the Payment System.
4. PayPal (online payment via PayPal account) Running Time: Payment will be made almost immediately, sometimes the payment will be verified by PayPal, then it takes a little longer. Please note: If it is not possible to send money via PayPal through our shopping system, simply manually pay to our e-mail adress, indicating your order-ID, so your payment can be allocated to the purchase.