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Stylish Biker Trousers made of 100% Buffleather

Stylish leather jeans made of 100% Buffalo Leather, Black, Laced

  • The Clou on these trousers is that it's sideways laced from top to bottom, so it can be adjusted to almost every Legwidth.
  • On top of that the length of the trousers is standardized, which means that you can just shorten it to whatever length you need, cutting for the "used-look" effect, rolling it up or of course just sewing.
  • The jeans fits on the legs almost as if it were a second pair of skin thanks to the soft leather and yet is completely comfortable and doesn't constrict.

Material Composition: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex

Item ID 172108200
Condition New with label
Age rating No age restriction
Model GW500
Manufacturer German Wear
Manufacturing country
Content 1 piece
Weight 1800 g
Net weight 1500 g

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