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Protectorjacket Motorbike Motocross Skateboarding protector Armour

Stylish Body Armour / Protectorjacket 2in1 colour black/grey

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Item ID :176 , Model: GW501

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Protectorjacket Motorbike Protector Body Armour

Stylish Body Armour / Protectorjacket 2in1, Colour Black/Grey

  • Useable for many different sports like Motorbike, Motocross, BMX, Skateboarding, winter sport
  • Jacket has 8 Protectors: 2 on each chest, shoulders, ellbow and forearm
  • All protectors and the mesh underneath are breathable
  • 4 straps to adjust the size
  • Soft, padded necktuck
  • Strechable wristbands for perfect fit
  • Distinctive feature: Open Armpits 


  • Seperat backpiece, attachable with zip
  • With 8 scaleprotectors (protect the spine from bending)
  • Waistbelt with 3 hook and loop fasteners
  • Backprotector single wearable
  • All around breathable

Material Composition: 100% Polyester


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Item ID 176
Condition New with label
Age rating No age restriction
Model GW501
Manufacturer German Wear
Manufacturing country
Content 1 piece
Weight 1200 g
Net weight 700 g

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