Returns, exchange of goods and return/cancellation

Here you can print your return label and read all the important steps you should follow when returning a package.

Return offers from German Wear

For returns from Germany:
For a return within Germany, you can use the return label included in the package (please note the conditions in the right of withdrawal).
If you no longer have the label ready, you can print it out using the following link: Return service link from German Wear only for customers from Germany
For returns from abroad:
If you want to send us a return from abroad, please do not send it directly to Germany, but use our service partner in your country. If you are returning from abroad, you can print out the following link: Retoure Service Link from German Wear only for customers from abroad

Please fill out the online form and print out the return label. Your order ID is stated on the return form. Please include the completed return form in the package.

Exchange of goods (goods for goods)

  • 1. Can I exchange? (e.g. ordered the wrong size, you don’t like the model ordered)
  • We only offer this service for goods with a value of 40€ or more. Please note this on the return slip. Alternatively, send us the goods back and we will refund your money. You can then simply order again. For goods value under 40€, please send us the goods back and we will refund your money. You can then simply order again.
  • 2. What do I do if I have received a shortage of goods?
  • About defective goods: If the goods you have received are defective, please let us know in writing by e-mail or as a Whatsapp message immediately upon receipt. It is important that you have not worn the goods (except for a brief fitting) and that you state ALL defects in your written complaint. Then return the goods as you would for a return (see point below) and again describe the defect on the return slip. You will then automatically receive a credit note and can place a new order in the shop.

    If you wish, we can also send you replacement goods, provided they are in stock. Please note, however, that we cannot take model or size changes into account here. In this case you will receive the same model and size as you ordered.

    Important: It is imperative that you state any defects. If we notice further defects when returning the goods that you have not mentioned, we cannot provide a replacement, since in case of doubt it can then be assumed that the defects first arose with you. Please take the notice of defects very seriously.

Cancellation/return (goods for money)

  • 1. Can I return goods, i.e. cancel the purchase?
  • Yes, we accept returns within 14 days of receipt of the goods.
  • 2. How do I revoke the purchase?
  • You simply send the goods back to us insured (so that the package can be tracked in the event of loss) and you will then receive your money back after a short processing time. IMPORTANT: In the case of uninsured shipping, we assume no liability in the event of loss
  • 3. How will I get my money back?
  • We generally refund the money the way you paid (if you paid by bank transfer, received you also get your money back). We never send cashier's checks and currently no vouchers.
  • 4. Apart from the goods, what do I have to enclose with the package?
  • Please enclose the completed return slip with the package. This is the fastest way for us to process your return. If the slip is not enclosed by mistake, simply give us your customer number, your order ID and your account details on a piece of paper. (It is sufficient if you simply note 'return', as you are not legally required to give us any reasons for your objection. We are also happy to receive any information that helps us to improve our products.)
  • 5. How do I return the goods?
  • Please note that you can use the return slip for returned goods within Germany. The return slip is included in the package, but will also be sent to you by e-mail as soon as the goods issue has been booked. You can print this and post in on your return package. Please let us know if you have not received this e-mail and we will send you the return slip later.

    You will be refunded the shipping costs if the entire shopping cart has been returned.

    Please refrain from sending non-free packages as they will not be accepted. Already worn goods, scarce goods, whose error was not communicated to us immediately or goods that were returned to us after the return period of 14 days has expired will be returned to the sender. The shipping costs are to be transferred to us in advance by the sender of these goods.

  • 6. What money will I be refunded?
  • In general, we always reimburse you for the actual purchase price of the goods. In cases caused by our fault (e.g. incorrect delivery, delivery of defective goods, etc.), We will also reimburse you for the shipping costs incurred. Within the EU we will reimburse the outward shipping costs. If the item value is less than €40, the customer must bear all shipping costs himself. As a note, the amount of 40 EUR refers to the individual item to be returned and not to the total value of the return. In this case, if you use our free return label, we will deduct 5€ from your credit.