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Trachtenchain Edelweiß Satin Chiffon rhinestone Metal Tracht Chain,Color: dark blue.

A trachtenchain edelweiß satin chiffon rhinestone metal tracht chain available in dark blue color.

Item ID :1522 , Model: K32 dark blue

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Trachtenchain Edelweiß Satin Chiffon rhinestone Metal Tracht Chain dark blue

Trachten Chain Made of Satin/Chiffon with Edelweiß-Pendant

  • Beautiful edelweiß-pendant with pastegems in matching color.
  • The bonds are respectively made of satin and chiffon.
  • Color: Dark blue.
  • Maximum length ca. 47 - 52cm.
  • Pendant-size: ca. 2 x 2,5cm.
  • Closed with a classic carabiner, easy to handle.
  • Absolute trend & eyecatcher.

Material Composition: Made of Satin

Item ID 1522
Condition New with label
Age rating No age restriction
Model K32 dark blue
Manufacturer German Wear
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Weight 100 g

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