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Apron for Long Dirndl ,Traditional Apron, Colour: White

Item ID :478 , Model: GW1600-3 weiß

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Apron for Long Dirndl ,Traditional Apron: White

Dirndl Apron made of finest Cotton, Colour: White

  • The material of the apron ist finest cotton, very soft and fits perfectly to the body
  • Matching to all long-dirndl
  • Apron is completely White
  • It has some laces on its hemline
  • Length: ca. 80 cm
  • A ‚Must Have‘, not only for Bavarians
  • Designed and made by German Wear
  • This product is produced on the base of the "German Size Chart". Please check out the German Size Chart before buying the product

Material Composition: 100% Cotton

Item ID 478
Condition New with label
Age rating No age restriction
Model GW1600-3 weiß
Manufacturer German Wear
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Weight 400 g

Material Composition : 100% cotton

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