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Trachten bag ,Dirndl Bags, Trachten Cotton beg,Color:dark Brown/Black

A Trachten cotton bag available in dark Brown color.This beautiful beg is for female.

Item ID :796 , Model: T1

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Trachten bag, Dirndl bag dark Brown

Trendy Trachten-Bag For Young And Old Women

  • Beautiful Trachten bag made of cotton in dark Brown/Black color
  • The bag comes with two pockets that are both being zipped up seperately
  • A roughly 1.2cm long and 1.5cm width band which is steplessly adjustable inlength, serves as carrying strap
  • Thanks to eyelets at the two upper corners and hooks on the strap you can easily mount or dismount it
  • The Edelweiß-pattern on the front give the bag it's characteristic look
  • The bag was designed to match the rest of our products!
  • Height: ca. 21 cm
  • Width: ca. 17 cm

Material Composition: 100% Cotton

Item ID 796
Condition New with label
Age rating No age restriction
Variation ID 4026004000293
Model T1
Manufacturer German Wear
Manufacturing country
Content 1 piece
Weight 300 g
Net weight 200 g

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