Motorcycle Biker Shirt Denim with Protectors

Motorcycle jacket summer men jeans biker shirt lining aramid fibers and mesh. BULLDT motorcycle shirt tear resistant shirt. Motorcycle jeans jacket, motorcycle jeans jacket with protectors and aramid

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Item ID :172108728 , Model: BLD1202

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Mens motorcycle shirt jeans biker shirt

Motorcycle biker Shirt with a fold down classic Collar in a Blue Color or Light Blue Color or Dark Blue Color

  • The material of the Vest is Denim
  • 2 Open side pockets and 2 chest pockets, 2 inside pockets left and right
  • Side pockets are open and remaining pockets are closed with snaps
  • Front is closed is with snaps
  • With net lining 100% polyester
  • Closed in front with snaps
  • With stand-up collar
  • A ,must have' for every bike drive or casual outing , Designed and manufactured by German Wear

Material Composition: 

Outer material: Cotton
Inner material: Lining: Polyester

Item ID 172108728
Condition New
Age rating No age restriction
Model BLD1202
Manufacturer BULLDT
Manufacturing country
Content 1 piece
Weight 1800 g
Net weight 1200 g

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