Motorbike Biker Leather Gloves Black

Motorbike Biker Leather Gloves in Black GW400G, crafted from finest calfskin by German Wear. The motorbike gloves offer unparalleled comfort durability, ensuring your hands are protected on every ride. Designed with knuckle bedding on the outer wild leather on palm, gloves provide a fine grip on handles, enhancing your biking experience. Comfort is important with quality calfskin material, a soft feel without compromising on safety. The inclusion of soft KEVLAR ensures the gloves won't stick to your clothes, making them practical for everyday use. The material composition of 100% calfskin ensures longevity and resilience, setting the product apart from the contest. The motorbike gloves in black are the perfect addition to your gear. With a focus on comfort &functionality, they are designed to meet the needs of modern bikers. Elevate your riding experience with German-wearing motorbike gloves, where quality meets performance. Order now to experience the best in biker leather gloves.

Item ID :1464 , Model: GW400G-M2

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Motorbike Biker Leather Gloves Black

Motorbike-Gloves made of finest Cowhide, Color: Black

  • Comfortability provided by quality cowhide material
  • Knuckle beddings on the outside
  • Wild leather on the palm for better grip on the Handles
  • Soft KEVLAR is used so it won't stick to any cloths
  • A Product of "German Wear"

Material Composition: 100% Leather

Item ID 1464
Condition New with label
Age rating No age restriction
Model GW400G-M2
Manufacturer Radmasters
Manufacturing country
Content 1 pair
Weight 800 g
Net weight 600 g

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