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Hunting Vest with textile Stitchery,color: Forest Pattern

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Textile Hunting Vest Forest Pattern

Beautiful Hunting Vest with Buck Stitchery with Forest Pattern

  • Consisting of 2 Layers: Inner stuffing, keeps the sweat away and outer material (Polyester-mix) 
  • Being closed with a zip and Push-Buttons
  • The inside of the neckarea is made of soft fleece
  • Comes with 4 big pockets: 
    • One on each side at the breasts
    • One each directly beneath the breast-pockets
  • On the left Breast-Pocket is a beautiful Deer-Stitchery
  • On the inside of the Vest there are 2 additional Pockets, 1 on each side
  • Two more pockets that are being closed with a zip on the sides, one on each side
Item ID 1375
Condition New with label
Age rating No age restriction
Model GW613W
Manufacturer German Wear
Manufacturing country
Content 1 piece
Weight 900 g
Net weight 500 g

Material Composition : cotton blend fabric

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