12x Soccer Training Bib, 12 pieces Set

12x Soccer Training Bib Set, Soccer Training Bib in 12 pieces set

Item ID :172108253 , Model: Bib-OK001x12

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Content 12 piece
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12x Soccer Training Bib, 12 pieces Set

Product: Soccer Training Bib

  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Texture: Air Mesh with Latest Popcorn Texture for breathability.
  • Purpose: To manage training sessions with these light weight Air Mesh Training Bibs. Separate your teams with different color options available.
  • OMKA Training bibs are made of ultra-light mesh fabric to enhance player’s performance during training.
  • It can be used by coaches and players to distinguish different teams and squads.
  • Comfortable and breathable mesh fabric in Latest Jacquard Designs.
  • A perfect must have product for training specially made for soccer lovers.
  • In shipment included : 12 Pieces of same Size and Color.

Material Composition: 100% Polyester

Item ID 172108253
Condition New with label
Age rating No age restriction
Model Bib-OK001x12
Manufacturer OMKA
Manufacturing country
Content 12 piece
Weight 950 g
Net weight 800 g

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