Trachtenjacket Trachtenjanker Trachten Janker Wool Anthracite,Color: Anthracite

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classic Trachtenjanker Made of Wool in Anthracite

+ The Janker is made of finest wool, very soft on the skin

+ Detailed material composition: 80% Wool, 20% Polyester

+ Classic form and design

+ Embroidery on the front, left and right

+ On the Inside there is a pocket on chest-level on the left side which are being closed with a button

+ Another pocket at chest-level is on the left side on the jacket

+ Being buttoned up on the front with Buckhorn-Buttons

+ On stomachlevel are 2 additional decorative pockets, which can be easily changed into fully functional ones

+ Matching all of our Lederhosen

+ Design and production by OS Trachten