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Fussball, Soccer Ball, Deft, Size 5, Handmade, PU/PVC, Thickness 1.3 mm, Training Ball

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FUSSBALL SOCCER Top Quality Training/ Practice Ball

                            + shell: 100% Synthetic Leather Polyurethane
                            + base: 4 Multiple Layers
                            + thickness 1.3 mm
                            + latex bladder for self-decomposition being environment friendly

                            + handmade
                            + size 5
                            + weight: 410-430 grams with air pressure 0.6 bar
                            + circumference: 68-69 cm
                            + ball is made keeping in view the FIFA quality standards regarding weight, rebound and circumference

Color Variations:
                            + white, green
                            + white, orange
                            + white, pink

                            + air pressure: 0.6 bar recommended
                            + the ball has excellent weight to maintain required bounce and predictable trajectory in the air
                            + premium quality material of shell has low water uptake and better touch for on field performance
                            + Please note: Balls are shipped deflated so wrinkles may appear and it will disappear in few days after inflation
                               and do not effect the performance of ball.