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Trachtenschuhe Trachtenstiefel Jockel 545-H oliv/Brown

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545-H Jokel Olive/Rustik

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Trachtenschuhe Traditional boots Jockel 545-H olive / rustik

     The Trachtenschuh Jörg has a sporty-fashionable cut and goes well with leather pants or jeans
     This fashionable Trachtenschuh from linen and leather and very light, he has a great comfort
     The ankle-high traditional boat is made of high-quality nubuck leather and linen
     Shoelaces in brown with spare laces
     With beautiful deer embroidery
     The traditional shoe has a comfortable fit and is lightweight
     The profiled sole provides good grip
     With zipper
     Not only visually prepares the modern shoe his wearer much joy
     With its soft lining and high-quality workmanship, the traditional wool boot Hello offers great comfort even on long journeys