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Fussball, Soccer, Striker, Size 5, PU 1,0 mm, Thermo Bonded, Top Quality Match Ball

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FUSSBALL, SOCCER BALL Top Quality Match Ball

                            + Shell: Synthetic Leather PU
                            + Base 01 Layer EVA foam 4.0 mm & 01 Layer of fabric
                            + Thickness 1.0 mm
                            + Butyl bladder inside for Longer Life and to keep the ball inflated

                            + Thermo Bonded
                            + Size 5
                            + Weight: 420-445 grams with air pressure 0.8 bar
                            + Circumference: 68.50-69.50 cm
                            + Ball is made keeping in view the FIFA quality standards regarding weight, rebound and circumference

                            + White, Green, Blue, Black

                            + Air Pressure: 0.8 bar recommended
                            + The ball has perfect weight to maintain an optimum bounce and predictable trajectory in the air
                            + Premium quality material and its seamless technique shed water and gives great touch for on field performance
                            + Thermo bonding of panels have great strength at joints with perfect balance while flying in the air
                            + Note: Thermo bonded balls are shipped at lower pressure of air than professionally required so small wrinkles
                               may appear and it will disappear in few days after full inflation and do not affect the performance of ball.