Protectorjacket Motorbike Motocross Skateboarding Protector Armour Bodyarmour

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Stylish Bodyarmour / Protectorjacket


colour black / yellow

Model: GW500Gelb


  • Suitable for many different sports like Motocross, BMX, Skatebording, winter sports
  • Jacket has 8 protectors, 2 on: chest, shoulders, ellbows, forearm
  • All protectors and the mesh underneath are breathable
  • 4 adjustable straps for perfect fit
  • extra soft neck tuck padding
  • open armpits for better air circulation


  • detachable backpiece with zip
  • 6 scaleprotectors protect the spine from overbending
  • waistbelt, with extra strong hook and loop fastener
  • wearable without the jacket
  • extra comfort thanks to the all-around breathable mesh