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Motorbike Jeans replaceable removable Protectors green/military

Motorbike Jeans replaceable removable Protectors green/military

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Mark: Rad Masters
Product ID.: 1003
Model No.: KEVLAR004 Green/camo
Motorbike Jeans replaceable removable Protectors green/military

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Motorbike Jeans replaceable removable Protectors green/military Motorbike Jeans replaceable removable Protectors green/military Motorbike Jeans replaceable removable Protectors green/military Motorbike Jeans replaceable removable Protectors green/military    
Motorbike Jeans with removable Protectors in green/military


Motorbike Jeans with removable Protectors

Color: green/military

    • Material: Denim 100% Cotton
    • 4 outer Pockets all in all, 2 on the thighs and 2 on the bottom
    • 4 Aramid Protectors, one each on the thighs and knees for comprehensive Safety
    • Nice Design, the Jeans is absolutely suitable for daily use due to the removable Protectors
    • Being closed with a zip and button on the front
    • Comes with laces to fit a belt
    • Designed and Produced by German Wear

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