Leather vest, Huntig vest, Colour: Hunting Green

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A tradition leather vest made of finest buffalo leather available in Green color.

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Hunting Vest / Vest Coat / Fishing Vest Coat From Buffalo Leather

Color:Hunting Green

  • Great hunting vest in colour hunting Green (very good for camouflage)
  • The material of the vest is finest buffalo leather, very soft and great comfort 
  • The leather is very robust, very good for hunting
  • Lnlining made of finest polyester, very soft for the skin
  • It got multiple attached pockets:
    right side: 2 smaller pockets, 1 metal insert inbetween to clip certain hooks into it. Bottom: 1 big sewed on pocken (can be closed by zip) with two more sewed on pockets
    left side: 1 middle sized pocket, Bottom: 1 big sewed on pocket (can also be closed with a zip) with 2 more little pockets
  • One little sewed in pocket on the left inner side
  • Vest can be closed in the front with a zip
  • Designed and made by German Wear.
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