Informations for Whole Sale and Reselling Customers

Dear Customers,

It is our pleasure that you are here.

If you or your company is interested in buying Products from German Wear than please provide us following documents at our eMail support [at] and/or send us through Fax at +4951167695020.

  1. One Copy of your company Registration with local authorities
  2. Your company Registration number
  3. A small introduction of your Company. If possible send us web link of your company page/shop
  4. Your Billing adress
  5. Person details who will be in contact with us

As soon as we get your details we will be getting in contact with you. If some documents are missing at the moment than you can provide them to us before we can ship you our first shipment.

Those products which are not available in our Whole sale shop can be reproduce on demand.

Investment Security, a goodwill from German Wear:

German Wear takes her sellings back. We give you 6 months investment Security for our regular products. If, for some reasons you could not sell your buyings in a give period of the time than We can replace them with other items of your demand.

Mein konto To Become B2B Wholesale Customer! (Link to German Wear B2B Shop)