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Bavarian Trachten Shoes Haferlschuhe,Color:Dark Brown

Item ID :503 , Model: D-Haferl-1 Braun

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Content 1 pair
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Bavarian Trachten Shoes Haferlschuhe,Color:Dark Brown

Bavarian Trachten Shoes Haferlschuhe In Dark Brown Color Made From Real Suede Leather

+ Made of finest suede leather

+ Handcrafted

+ Very comfortable in wearing because of the soft inner sole (everything made of 100% real leather)

+ Strong profile rubber sole

+ Plain design, w/o embroidery, elegant

+ With applied metal edelweiss

+ Shoes are laced at the sides

+ Shipping in a classy genuine 'GERMAN WEAR' box

+ Designed and made by German Wear

+ This Product is produced according to the "German Size Chart". Please check out the German Size Chart before buying

Item ID 503
Condition New with label
Age rating No age restriction
Model D-Haferl-1 Braun
Manufacturer German Wear
Manufacturing country
Content 1 pair
Weight 1200 g
Net weight 1200 g

Material Composition : 100% suede

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