Three Pieces Mini-Dirndl Set, Bavarian Dress Oktoberfest,Color:Yellow

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A three piece mini dirndle set available in Dark Brown with Yellow apron and White short blouse.

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Three Pieces Mini Dirndl Set, With Matching Apron, Colour: Yellow/ Darkbrown

+ Gorgeous traditional bavarian dirndl

+ The material of the dress is finest cotton mixed with other fabric (40% Cotton, 60% polyester), very soft and     absolutly comfortable

+ The dress itself is Dark Brown and has wonderful embroidery in the front in the shape of shiny flowers and leaves

+ Can be closed in the front through a zip and tightened with a chain

+ Great balconette look, sexy look

+ yellow pipings

+ Upper part has a lining of 100% cotton, high comfort

+ Additionally you get a short blouse with puff sleeves and laces around the sleeves and neckline

+ And a matching yellow apron

+ On the skirt part you can also see the flowery embroidery, the apron is just that long so you can nicely see the     embroidery

+ Very complex in manufacturing

+ A ‚Must Have‘, not only for bavarians

+ Designed and made by German Wear

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