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Ladies Bavarian Trachten oktoberfest lederhosen,Color: Dark Brown/White

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Ladies Bavarian Trousers Made Of Soft Goat Suede Leather

Color:Dark Brown

+ Wonderful leather trousers for ladies, colour Dark Brown, with White decent embroidery

+ The material of the trousers is finest suede leather, very soft

+ Almost all visible seams have dark cream pipings

+ Colour of the embroidery is shiny silver

+ Moreover you can adjust the pants once at its hemline on the legs and once in the back of the trousers with soft and fine leather

+ For the better fit the trousers have belt loops to be used with a belt

+ Designed and made by German Wear

+ This product is produced on the base of the "German Size Chart". Please check out the German Size Chart before buying the product